Another fabulous use for yarn! But Tinkerbell had other plans…

As you know, I LOVE YARN. Love it. In fact… I love it SO much that in the book, The Power, by Rhonda Byrne, she says to choose an object; and every time you see that object, you’ll know that love is working for you; just something to remind you on a daily basis.

Well, I chose yarn. So, yes, I love it and it reminds me that love exists in the world and is working for me constantly!

So on that note, I love to work with yarn on any given day I can. I decided to try and make lamp shades (or just pretty balls) out of yarn, soaked in glue, and left to dry around balloons. Good attempt.

Here are the balloons drying in the sun:

#Yarn and #balloons. Drying in the #sun!!

#Balloons in the #sun. Wrapped in #yarn. #Pretty!!!

Wrap #yarn soaked in glue around #balloons, dry, pop #balloon and voila. #Lamp shade!

#Yarn + #balloons + #glue = #lampshades!

So the reason I have no finished pictures is… My lovely angel, Tinkerbell, popped the balloons. HA HA!! She’s so cute. I should have known the lil’ stinker would get to them, but I figured… “surely not.” She did. 🙂 I love her to pieces!

She did feel a little bad about the whole incident and agreed to model one of my cotton knitted scarves I created using garter stitch. Knit every stitch every row. She looks like a supermodel. Really. She could be making millions!! Why is she not? The world will never know.

#Tinkerbell is so #stylish in her #cotton #knitted #scarf!

SOOOO… Failed attempt to make lamp shade or yarn balls. Successful attempt to snap some amazing yarn pictures and plus… we HAD FUN!

(I sound like a contestant on American Idol. Whenever he/she gets done performing and Ryan Seacrest asks how they felt they did, they say, “Well, I had fun!” Or something similar. I’d probably say the same thing.)

So there you have an idea. I think where we went wrong was not using enough glue… cuz the yarn never even got super hard anyways.

If you have a better technique, let me know. I plan on trying it again until I get it right.

We used various types of yarn: Wool, acrylic and something else I’m unsure of.

Soaked them in a mixture of Elmer’s glue and water.

Rubbed the balloons with Vaseline.

Wrapped the glue-y yarn around the balloons.

Attempted to let dry in the sun ( Tinkerbell had other plans for them). 🙂

I did read online to use wallpaper glue instead? And cotton yarn? I’ll try it.

So in summary:

Tried something. Got some pretty pictures. Had fun. = SUCCESS in my book!!!

Onward and upward!!!

Have a sensational Tuesday.



Inspiration while out bicycling yesterday…and the power to transform your life through Future Journaling

Yesterday was SUCH an incredibly productive day for me! I simply got scads done.

But in the middle of the day, to clear my head, I decided to go for a bike ride down the road. Instead of just whizzing along speedily, I decided to snap some pictures, as inspiration for my knitting/dyeing projects.

I wanted to share a few photos with you, but you can see more on my Flickr Page here.
I LOVE the orange and teal in this photo. One of my favorites from yesterday for sure:

#Stunning #teal and #orange #plant photo!!

And this one is my FAVORITE favorite from yesterday… I really love the caption:

Stand tall. Be strong. Do your thang. #Independence #Seizetheday #live (If you’re wondering what those #’s are for, I’ll explain. I upload my photos to Flickr using my Instagram App on my iPhone. In Instagram, when you add those # symbols, called tags, people can search for those terms and find your photo! So they automatically upload to Flickr as well… just in case you’re wondering… those symbols used to confuse me, so just in case you don’t know, now ya do!!)

Stand tall. Be strong. Do your thang. #Independence #Seizetheday #live

Here’s a couple more:

You're my #friend. My #love. #thankful #gratitude #friendship

Out #biking today! Saw these #beautiful #trees and #clouds! #bluesky

Does the path you're on lead to your #dreams? #trees #sky #clouds

Out on my #bicycle today!

And now for some flowers!!! So pretty… mm mm mm…

#luscious #orange #flower !!! I'm in love with it!

#Bright #pink #flower !!

#purple and #white #pansies !! #LOVE !!

Funky #pink and #white #flower #photo !!

Oh, and my amazing journals I bought at Barnes and Nobles the other day! These are so fabulous. I have one for yarn stuff, including my coming-soon biz…One for financial things, like my commodities trading (love it!), one for personal journaling and one for future journaling. I’ll talk about that in a minute.

My #gorgeous new #journals! #flower #flowers #diary #purple #green #teal

Oh, and I simply HAVE to show you this one! Notice the sign says SPINNER Ct? Isn’t that so cool? Since I’m a spinner. I think it has something to do with airplanes actually, but I’m taking it to mean spinning on a spinning wheel. Just cuz. 🙂
I love how somebody spray painted on the STOP sign… This was definitely a “SIGN” for me… Don’t Stop Believing… on Spinner Ct? Just when I’m out and about getting inspiration for new colorway shades for my new yarn and roving business. A-maz-ing!

Don't stop believing!! Move toward your dreams with relentless passion!

So anyways. About the “future journaling” I was talking about. This is an incredibly POWERFUL way to transform your life. Either use your current journal or keep a separate one just for this purpose. If you don’t journal, I recommend it, as it helps to clarify your mind, direct your focus, realize things about yourself you might not have and remind you of important things you might forget!

Feel free to draw pictures in it. Doodle… scribble. Write upside down or sideways! Make up silly poems or stories. Make it like a delicious book you can’t put down. So that when you go back to read it later, you are enthralled!!

When I was a child, for several years, I wrote in my diary everyday, without fail. It looked something like:
“I got up. Ate some cereal. Went to school. Math was fun, but kinda boring. I was tired…etc.” B-O-R-I-N-G! And do I read any of those today? Nope.

But I do have one journal that I employed all the techniques I just described: Future journaling, pictures, funny poems, etc. And I love reading it! It’s so funky and quirky and ME!

So now… back to future journaling. This has literally produced MIRACLES in my life.

And it’s simple:
1. Open your journal and instead of writing today’s date, write a date in the future. As an example, let’s say Jan 5, 2012.
2. Then just write as if it were that day. But not only that, write as if that were the most perfect day you could imagine that day to be. What dreams do you want to have fulfilled by that date? Perhaps a financial situation remedied? Then imagine your bank account full and plump. Or perhaps you have a broken relationship with a loved one you’d like restored? Then imagine spending the day with them, laughing and smiling!

Write it in the PRESENT or past tense. Not future tense. Write: “I am so happy TODAY because Aunt Thelma Lou and I are having a BLAST together, shopping at the mall!!” Or, “Today was incredible and uplifting… I took a bus ride with Mom to Scarecrow Park and we giggled the whole way!!!”
Really FEEL what it would be like to live that day. Write details. See the colors of the day. Draw a picture (no matter how unprofessional!) of what it would look like for that scene to be happening.  Whatever you have to do to FEEL it and KNOW it can and WILL be real. After all, you’ve already written about it!
-You can go out as far in the future as you like, but I prefer to keep it short term… a few months, or a year at most. This way, you get to actually “live” that day soon!!

This truly is an amazing experience. Something about writing down your ultimate dreams on paper, as if writing in a diary, like the events have already happened… switches something in the brain. It makes the events seem…done. Real. Already existing. And this works to actually produce those things in your life.

So try it and let me know what you think!!

I think you’ll find when that day arrives (and you can do it for many days, not just one), you’ll wake up with anticipation and the air itself will feel magical!!

Just go into it with an open mind and heart (cynicism just hurts you) and move toward your dreams. One day at a time.

Enjoy this day you’ve been given and we’ll chat later!


Been busy lately!


I’ve been super busy lately, setting up all kinds of things for my up and coming yarn business!!

Oh, yes, you heard me right! I’m planning to sell my own line of yummy hand-painted yarns, among other things.

To get started, here are some links for things I’ve been setting up… feel free to join / follow/ like me on any or all of these pages!

I plan on combining my love of funky photography with inspirational quotes and of course… knitting/yarn/fiber, etc.

Without further ado…

Here is my Flickr account:


With awesome photos I take, like this one, from our recent yellow party:


My Twitter account: Cottage Fairy’s Twitter Page!

Facebook page: Cottage Fairy’s Facebook Page!

And if you’re on Instagram on the iPhone or iPad, be sure to look me up! @cottagefairy is my username. 🙂 Get the App if you don’t have it already! LOVE IT!

More soon!! Setting up my shopping cart right this minute!! Also, sourcing yarns, dyes, supplies, designers, etc. SOOOO excited!

I’ll for sure keep you posted!

More soon…Have a sensationally fabulous day. I mean it!


When in doubt…

Inspirational Clouds

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
-Mark Twain

I think this is my new motto for life!

Whenever faced with fear or doubt about anything, I need to remind myself, that in years to come, I’ll be more fulfilled by the adventure of the things I did, than by the safety of holding back.

And as I look back over my life, this is unfailingly true. All the decisions I made from a full heart… the things I just “knew” and felt were “right,” steered my life into amazing places.

The times I held back in fear, inevitably produced disappointment.

So I say, Just Do It!

On that note… I have an announcement I’ll be making in the next few weeks. I have a huge venture coming up, related to the yarn and fiber industry and right now it is all in the works. I’m so deliriously excited (and yet perfectly peaceful) about it, that I’m bursting at the seams to tell you! But… Not yet. I want to get a little more progress made first!

Essentially, I’m living out my ultimate dream and fantasy and you’ll see it begin to unfold SOON!


Have a happy day! And remember…

“When in doubt, do it.”
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes


Until next time…


Beginnings of My Purple Pineapple Scarf

Purple Pineapple Scarf

I attempted to begin a scarf with this yarn 3 times before settling on this pattern. It’s the Hourglass Eyelet stitch in Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns.

Supposedly the back of this pattern looks like baby elephants, but I’m not sure I see it yet. I think so. Pictures soon.

But as I had it laying on the coffee table, my mom said that it looked like a pineapple!! So there you have it. My Purple Pineapple scarf. I’ll just keep knitting until I’m out of yarn!!!

Once finished, I’ll make sure to update you!

Stay perky!



I Do Occasionally Like to Sew…

Easy Beginner Sewn Dress

In high school, I loved to make my own clothes and even made my own prom dress. I haven’t sewn much in the past few years, as I have found I can find clothes I like better at cheaper prices than if I were to sew them myself.

If you have a Plato’s Closet in your area, you should absolutely check it out! It’s my favorite store ever!

They carry all kinds of brands I love, like Aeropostale, Abercrombie, Express, Banana Republic, Rue 21, Forever 21, the Buckle, etc.

And their prices can’t be beat, as they are a used store! You can even take your clothes in and sell them to them!

And they have super cute sweaters and scarves and hats and other knitted neatos.


But, I do on occasion, get back in the sewing mood and I whipped this baby out in maybe an hour or so, altogether.
It was just a yard of fabric with stretchy stuff on one end. I sewed up the side to fit me, hemmed it and hand-sewed 2 straps (sheer ribbon) onto it and DONE. EASY! Quick. And super cute for summer!

And I can wear some of my knitted cardigans with it come fall. 🙂


Finished Photos of Sunfly Cowl

So I finally took some finished photos of my Sunfly Cowl:

Knitted Sunfly Cowl

Knitted Sunfly Cowl Scarf

Knitted Sunfly Cowl

I call it my Sunfly Cowl because it looks like a sunset and I used the butterfly stitch.

Here is a visual I made of how to knit the slipped stitches when working the butterfly stitch:

You slip your left needle down through all 5 loops:

Butterfly Stitch Picture Instructions

And knit the 5 loops and the next loop on the left needle,  together:

Butterfly Stitch Visual Instructions

Butterfly Stitch Photo Tutorial

Voila. Super simple.

This was made using my hand-spun yarn from Sweet Georgia roving, and is my own pattern.

I cast on 200 stitches using the longtail method and joined in the round, with one twist, forming a mobius.
I then knit 5 rounds of seed stitch.
Then worked 4 repeats of the butterfly stitch.
Then 5 rounds of seed stitch and bound off using the Surprisingly Stretchy Bind off.
If you have never used this bind off, you simply MUST! It is amazing!! It is truly SUPER stretchy, but bounces back into shape perfectly! The clearest explanation for me, is Cat Bordhi’s Youtube Video.

I have to say I love the colors of this pattern. I love how the butterfly stitch blends the colors somewhat. I do wish I hadn’t made it a mobius (that was an accident!), as it feels a little too twisty to me. But I will totally wear it and I’m pretty darn delighted with it!!!

Next, I’m working on my Purple Pineapple scarf…Another pattern I’m making up… More info soon!

Till next time!